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How can the construction industry make a difference to the climate crisis?

Acting on climate change is an imperative for all of us, meaning we must optimise the materials we use and make sustainable choices wherever possible. The construction industry has the opportunity to create real change here. In fact, this sector alone generates around 60% of waste across the globe – making construction one of the main contributors to global GHG emissions.

Within the build sector, we must work together to fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (CO2eq) that are generated by human activity, and from the products we use. Recycling a product at the end-of-life stage can save large amounts of carbon when compared to landfill or incineration. Recycling helps to reduce raw material extraction, and also helps to create a circular production system in place of the traditional 'take-make-waste' model.

How does the Carbon Calculator work?

We've developed our handy Carbon Calculator to help you on your search for a products sustainability information. Based on third party assessed EPD (environmental product declaration) data, you can see a complete overview of your chosen products environmental impact across production, installation, use and end-of-life stages and compare this with alternative end-of-life scenarios. You'll also be able to measure the benefit recycling has on the environment!

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