Tarkett Fusion Concept

Workplace Fusion - A wealth of possibilities

Tarkett Fusion : Creating beautiful combinations

Creativity is at the heart of good design — along with the desire to make a mark. Our aim is to help the architecture and design community create workplace interiors that are both captivating and fit for purpose. 

Tarkett’s Fusion concept offers a dynamic approach that combines our luxury vinyl tiles and DESSO carpet tiles, opening up a whole world of design possibilities.  

Our very own UK Design Team have thoughtfully put together our new Workplace Fusion brochure, which is dedicated and tailored towards office interiors.  It explores the ways in which different materials can be brought together to make remarkable creations for workplace environments.

The brochure contains a selection of carefully curated mood boards, offering inspiration across a range of different themes. From our Coastal Calm mood board which exudes tranquillity, to our Woodland Walk mood board which is rooted in natural, earthy tones – you are bound to find a theme that speaks to you.

Not only does our new Workplace Fusion brochure present stimulating mood boards to cultivate your creativity, it also presents products from different price ranges.  So whatever the budget, Tarkett have a multi-material solution for you.