LVT in Hospitality

How do we sustain the hospitality sector?

By supporting guests’ wellbeing where it matters most


Understanding and responding to consumers’ changing behaviours will be essential to the recovery of the hospitality sector. As the world slowly re-emerges from the global pandemic, interiors that support wellbeing will help to re-engage and build trust with returning guests.

According to a study on consumer sentiment towards hospitality settings and Covid19, the vast majority – 91% – believe that indoor air quality is important in preventing the spread of the virus. Similarly, 77% of consumers said having proof about a hotel’s indoor air quality would influence their decision when booking.

So, how can a hotel business looking to reassure its guests address this ‘invisible’ need? By choosing interior products and materials that truly support wellness.


Allow your guests to breathe more easily


Creating a comfortable environment that optimises guest health and wellness starts from the ground up. High levels of fine dust particles in the air, plus VOC emissions from everyday objects and surfaces, can pose a risk to peoples’ health, leading to issues both in the short and long term. These factors, coupled with the contamination risk surrounding Covid19, have led to a greater consumer awareness around the air that they breathe. Opting for flooring that actively captures these particles and drives down VOC emissions will help guests feel more at ease and genuinely clean the air.

We focus on designing flooring products that promote comfortable, healthy environments. For example, the DESSO AirMaster carpets capture the invisible dust particles in the air and prevent them from becoming airborne again until they can be vacuumed away. As the first and only carpet product to be awarded the GUI Gold Plus label, the highest possible accreditation awarded by Gesellschaft für Umwelt-und Innenraumanalytik (GUI), Germany’s leading independent air quality testing organisation, hoteliers can also be assured it is good for the environment, as well as their guests.

For hotels that seek to emulate real stone or wood flooring, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) ranges such as our iD Inspiration offer the perfect blend of natural designs embedded in the highest performing vinyl materials. iD Inspiration is phthalate-free and printed with water-based inks to achieve enhanced environmental and indoor air quality standards, and ultra-low VOC emissions.


Up the ante with additional wellbeing measures


In addition to promoting better indoor air quality, hotel managers and designers also need to review the spaces guests inhabit and how they navigate them. Implementing zoning and wayfinding can help to ensure guests feel safe and secure as they move about communal areas.

Using a combination of flooring materials – such as carpet tiles and LVT – is a simple but effective way to gently guide the flow of movement and reduce congestion, without impacting the sense of space with physical barriers. These flooring finishes are simple to clean and maintain, helping to boost user comfort, and provide a long-lasting, durable design.

While promoting wellbeing is about practicality, it’s also about creating spaces that look as good as they feel. Seeking out carpets, rugs and LVT that can be customised with patterns and colours designed to bolster wellbeing or promote the brand means you don’t need to compromise on form while taking care of function. And it’s only when you’ve covered the two entities that a truly positive guest experience can be achieved.


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