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iD Click Ultimate

Natural designs and ultimate performance.

Have it all

Challenging the conventional wisdom that good things always come with some form of compromise, Tarkett introduces the Tarkett iD Click Ultimate line. Imagine a rigid flooring solution that combines the practical benefits of vinyl with the splendour and awe-inspiring qualities of natural materials such as stone and wood. A lush, oak floor resistant to staining, to shocks, even to water. Or imagine a limestone hallway, indiscernible from genuine lime, installed in a matter of hours, yet ready to last for years and years of heavy use. With acoustic qualities that defy the ear, muting hard heels to soft patter.

Can you imagine it? 
We can. So we made it. With Tarkett iD Click Ultimate you really can have it all.

Unrivalled Wood & Stone designs

From beautifully grained wooden planking to natural stone tiles that are recreated to the finest detail, the quality and endless design options of our digital printing technology means you may find yourself having a hard time to choose between each design.


Our Naturals designs are scanned from nature through the meticulous sourcing of high quality raw materials such as wood and stone. To convey the true diversity of the natural world in all its glory, our modular vinyl flooring with digital printing technology displays a high definition with non-repeating motifs and an ultra matt finish.


Our Authentics designs are created with “Embossing in register” technology for a more natural look. This technology engraves effects onto planks and tiles to
reproduce unique flooring that gives a truly realistic impression of real wood.      


Classic gravure printing has stood the test of time for decades. For this collection, our designers have selected our most acclaimed materials and colour harmonies to help you develop feel-good interiors.                         


Discover the new iD Click Ultimate collection

iD Click Ultimate 30

iD Click Ultimate takes rigid surface flooring to the next level. Now, you can combine the look, feel and strength of wood and stone with all the advantages of luxury vinyl tiles. For your residential projects please explore iD Click Ultimate 30.

iD Click Ultimate 55-70

With the new iD Click Ultimate you can create eye-catching, inspiring and welcoming areas, ideal for intensive use with a vinyl floor that also looks natural, authentic and respects the environment.​ Let us inspire you. Please explore the iD Click Ultimate 55-70 range.

Ultimate Performance

Exquisite form must be followed by impeccable function. iD Click Ultimate fully delivers and combines extreme durability with unparalleled sound absorption and water-resistant qualities in easy to install tiles.

1. TEKTANIUM™ PU coating: ultra matt finish protected by unequalled resistance.

2. Wide range of designs partly created with our Digital Printing Technology makes for an extensive range of design possibilities - including high-definition graphics and embossing to choose from, expanded even further with excellent customisation options.

3. RCC+ takes SPC flooring to the next level. It provides superior durability and stability through its advanced
Rigid Composite Core+ technology, made possible through the cutting edge co-extrusion production process. Its triple-layer construction and carefully engineered formula provides unparalleled resistance to heavy traffic and exceptional dimensional stability.

4. Acoustic backing featuring Soundblock technology absorbs 19dB of impact noise.

5. When combined with the water resistant properties of RCC+, our GenClick® locking system makes for a watertight product, able to resist water for more than five days without leakage. 


Respect for the environment and the natural world that inspires us will always be a driving force in our development and innovation efforts. With our manufacturing exclusively in the EU, we continue to push for even lower emissions, even better circularity and to drive sustainability further in all of our operations.


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