representation of fine dust in the air, small particulates that are harmful for our health and wellbeing

Indoor Air Quality

Carpet Tiles

A Space to Breathe

We are living, breathing beings on a living, breathing planet. That’s why we at Tarkett believe it is essential to protect the air we breathe. 

Through our commitment to Tarkett Human-Conscious Design® we aim to create flooring that is good for people and the planet, and actively seek solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our times. 

The Harmful Effects of Fine Dust

Air pollution poses a growing risk to people’s health, indoors as well as out. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors and takes some 25,0001 breaths a day.

Meanwhile, air pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher in most buildings, than outdoors

Indoor air contains harmful particulate matter (PM) - microscopic particles of dust and dirt small enough to be inhaled deep into the lungs. Grouped into two size categories, PM10 and PM2.5, both can produce harmful effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular system.


Carpet can help improve indoor air quality to contribute towards healthy environments for work and play. With its patented technology, DESSO AirMaster carpet tiles capture and retain fine dust 8 times more effectively than smooth floors and 4 times more than standard carpet3

Clearing the air for human and environmental health and well-being, and giving us space to breathe.

Reduced amount of fine dust in the breathing zone when using DESSO AirMaster carpet tiles compared to smooth floors


Rooted in Cradle to Cradle principles, all our design decisions start at the end. We limit the use of virgin raw materials by recovering valuable resources otherwise destined for waste, and recognise that we are responsible for the full life cycle of every material we work with. 

Our carpet tiles are composed of two key components – yarn and EcoBase backing – that come together just as neatly as they can later be taken apart. As part of our continuous efforts to reduce our circular carbon footprint we are proud to introduce an improved EcoBase backing, with a new bio-based ingredient replacing a core ingredient composed of petroleum-based content.

DESSO Carpet tiles, yarn and EcoBase backing

Our Circular Carbon Footprint

Together with our holistic design approach and carefully considered materials, our closed-loop system ensures that our carpet tiles record an impressively low circular carbon footprint – one we're continually working, alongside our partners and customers, to shrink even further.

DESSO AirMaster Earth Circular Carbon Footprint

Discover our DESSO AirMaster Collections

AirMaster Classic

The AirMaster Classic’s linear design offers spatial depth, shadow play and definition to any room or workspace.

AirMaster Earth

Featuring statement black yarn thread, tonal colour and an irregular, organic pattern, Earth offers dramatic depth and tactility.

AirMaster Sphere

With a handmade, rustic feel and subtle, tonal colours, Sphere adds warmth and texture to modern office environments.

DESSO AirMaster Reflection

Inspired by Japanese design philosophy centred around balance, serenity and nature, the new DESSO AirMaster® Reflection has wellbeing built into the fabric of the flooring.

DESSO AirMaster Gold

With Cradle to Cradle® Gold certification and patented technology, this collection contributes even further to creating a healthier workplace and a more sustainable world.

DESSO Desert AirMaster

Inspired by nature, Desert AirMaster has a diffused pattern to give a marbled effect to flooring. Available in 12 colours, this collection is made for people and the planet.

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