L’Auberge du Vivier

L’Auberge du Vivier

2019 | Habay-la-Neuve, Belgium

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Photographer: Bart Gosselin


L’Auberge du Vivier in Habay-la-Neuve is a housing project that brings children and the elderly together. The architect chose Tarkett as the flooring provider for the new buildings.

L'Auberge du Vivier in Habay-la-Neuve brings children and the elderly together under the same roof. It is a live project that creates a bridge between the past of the elderly and the future of the children.

The corridors are used as a common area, where activities and meetings between the generations take place. The main building and the connected units provide access to gardens and play areas for children. The time spent in the common areas help create a unique bond that is beneficial to both generations, thanks to the experience of the elderly and the playfulness of the children.

L'Auberge du Vivier between the roots of the elders and the future of the children, a project to be lived.

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Designer/ Architect

3A Architecture de Arlon


Rinaldi SA - Flémalle