Moomin Shop

Moomin Shop

2019 | Turku , Finland

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The newest MOOMIN Shop, designed by Carola Rytsölä, opened its doors in Turku on October 30, 2019. The brand new shop is covered in 170 square meters of Tarkett’s iQ Surface, which the Finnish architect discovered in The Milano fair in April 2019. She was so inspired by the collection that she decided to use it in her MOOMIN shop project. 

The iQ Surface homogeneous vinyl flooring, a cutting-edge and innovative collection, 
 is the result of a creative collaboration between Tarkett and the Swedish Note Design Studio. It was created to be functional and aesthetic, with performance, colour and shape each contributing equally to the high quality of this flooring. It is a durable and flexible vinyl material that is open to various interpretations of use, since it can be installed on floors, walls and even furniture. 

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Discover the brand new Moomin Shop designed by Finnish Architect Carola Rytsölä, with iQ Surface homogeneous vinyl floors also installed on walls and furniture.

Designer/ Architect

Carola Rytsölä