Natural Bond: an exhibition created to open up ideas about circular transition.

Natural Bond: an exhibition created to open up ideas about circular transition.

04th February 2020

The Natural Bond exhibition is intended to be a forum for change and is created to open up ideas and discussions that contribute to a sustainable, circular transition in society. Bonded by lashing straps, temporary objects in the installation symbolize future that is under construction. The materials used are either recycled or will be recycled and put back into the never-ending circular loop. For Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020, Tarkett and Note Design Studio collaborate once again on an installation that explores these circular processes.

A forum for change – the bond we all share

The Natural Bond exhibition, with its archetypes inspired by the ancient agoras, is meant to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and important talks about a sustainable future. A meeting place for those who believe that circular transition and a reduced climate footprint is a collective effort. True collaboration, creating bonds between organizations, people, and initiatives, is the basis for the transformation from the current linear system to a new circular economy; embracing not only recycling but all the different parts in the take-make-waste system. How we manage resources, how we make and use products, and what we do with the materials afterwards.

Material innovation

Within the Natural Bond exhibition different materials from Tarkett ranges can be seen - each with their own sustainable attributes.

An oak wooden floor with the top layer recycled from a sports hall floor in Norway. The old parquet has been cleaned from nails, metal and parts damaged by moisture and, after that, it has been made into a new top layer. It’s given a soft, white-coloured hard wax oil treatment to enhance the beauty of the wood material. The pattern is created to make the most of the recycled raw material and at the same time give a unique expression that draws the mind to classic parquet.

iQ Natural
Shown for the first time in Stockholm, the innovative new iQ Natural homogeneous vinyl collection is created according to mass-balance principles, replacing fossil-based raw materials with non-food biomass. Together with the work for circular transition, these are important steps in Tarkett’s endeavor to face the increasing climate challenges. In the exhibition itself, the new design iQ Natural Flakes is used on the back wall, the podium underneath the installation, and on the construction frames surrounding the booth.