Tarkett UK & Ireland launches the brand-new Sustainable Product Specification Guide.

Tarkett UK & Ireland launches the brand-new Sustainable Product Specification Guide.

It’s widely accepted that we are facing a climate emergency where there is an urgent need to address the balance of carbon in the atmosphere. However, we are also facing another emergency – resource scarcity.  


In 2022, Earth Overshoot Day fell on July 28th, meaning we used all the natural resources the planet can regenerate in a 12-month period, within 7 months. Proving once again why it has become essential to rethink the way materials are used and products are designed. 


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) – a leading voice on the Circular Economy, suggests that there are 3 key design principles to consider when creating spaces with circularity in mind. These include eliminating waste and pollution; circulating products and materials (at their highest value); and regenerating natural systems to start seeing a reduction in emissions. 


Here at Tarkett we make conscious, proactive decisions by going above and beyond in terms of our circular strategy. Which is why we developed our brand-new Sustainability Product Specification Guide for Architects & Designers to provide complete transparency on what it really takes to source sustainable materials and maximise Green Buildings standards. 

The Sustainability Guide

Access your copy of the guide and read on to see how you can make a lasting, positive impact on our planet.

How does this guide address your sustainability challenges?

In this guide, we explore how interior design can play a significant role in tackling the climate emergency in four key pillars, which include: 

  • Green Building Standards – How to take them even further
  • What your supply chain should be doing to support your sustainability goals  
  • How to do more with less on the path to net zero  
  • The impact of recycling and Circular Economy principles