Tarkett UK Ashford

Tarkett UK Ashford

2019 | Ashford, Kent, UK

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When it came to designing Tarkett’s new UK HQ in Ashford, sustainability and wellbeing had to be at the heart of the concept. 

With a fierce dedication to creating environmentally-friendly products that promote healthy spaces, the decor provided the perfect opportunity for Tarkett to showcase its impressive credentials. London-based fit-out specialist Peldon Rose was brought in to assist.

After consulting with the Tarkett team, Peldon Rose sought to create an inclusive office environment, catering for a wide range of different tasks and preferred working styles. 

Maximising the space through ‘zoning’

Tarkett’s Fusion concept came into its own, comprising a balance of luxury vinyl tiles and DESSO® carpets that helps create subtle separation between the different sections of the office, while offering a unified scheme throughout.
This allowed for differentiation between social breakout areas and quieter, more private spaces away from the main desks, enabling people to work flexibly.

In the reception area, Tarkett’s iD Loose Lay, in Sawn Oak Grey, Elegant Oak Beige and Christmas Pine White, was laid in a herringbone pattern. This leads into the main desk areas through an Elegant Oak Beige path, promoting a welcoming and open feel.

For the main hub, a vibrant palette of DESSO AirMaster® Earth carpet tiles and Traverse planks brightens the space, while also highlighting the different ‘zones.’ 

Promoting health, wellbeing and best practice

All of the design decisions were made with employee wellbeing in mind. The DESSO AirMaster® Earth carpet tiles, for example, were selected as they reduce the concentration of fine dust in the air, four times more effectively than regular carpets. 

In addition, each product specified adhered to the SKA rating system, resulting in a Gold standard being secured. This was of particular importance to Tarkett, further supporting the strong sustainability angle that drove the project. Peldon Rose also partnered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme to ensure that the site reflected best practice from start to finish. As a result, a Performance Beyond Compliance certificate was also achieved. 

Stephanie Di Losa, workplace designer at Peldon Rose, commented:

When Tarkett decided to relocate its office, sustainability and wellbeing were at the heart of their objectives. It wasn’t enough to be seen as a green company on paper, Tarkett was committed to creating an environmentally-friendly office, which inspired creativity and boosted staff welfare.

Our job was made easier in that we were partnering with a manufacturer that not only has a great product range, but also an extensive catalogue with some of the highest green credentials on the market.

The office relocation project also provided us the opportunity to work with Tarkett’s in-house Designer, Becky Pole, on a blank canvas to create a living showroom, where Tarkett can live and breathe its product range throughout the office.

At the very beginning of the project we set out to ensure that a space which works for everyone was created, and we truly believe the finished design has succeeded in achieving this.

 For further information and images DOWNLOAD the full case study (1MB)

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