Virgin Money Lounge

Virgin Money Lounge

2014 | Glasgow, UK

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The Tarkett Floorcraft Design team was commissioned to create the customized dance floor, using artwork supplied by Allen International. At four meters in diameter, the intricate and highly-detailed design uses contrasting shades of the Luxury Vinyl Tile iD Inspiration 70 flooring in light oak and dark walnut. Instead of being printed, each piece of the design was individually cut using a precision sonic blade that oscillates at 20,000 cycles per second. The pieces were then assembled onto a solid vinyl core like a jigsaw puzzle, before having a thick layer of transparent PVC added onto the top. 

Leading the project was Samantha Jones, Head of the Tarkett Floorcraft Design team. “This was certainly one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever had,” she explained. “The lettering on the curve, the rounded hearts, and the repeating V and M pattern all required an incredibly high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Thanks to the skills and artistry of our team, and the high-tech cutting equipment we have here at Tarkett, we were able to produce a stunning floor.”

The design was specified by Emma Hunter, senior designer at Spacelab. “The Virgin Money Glasgow Store and Lounge is not your usual bank,” Emma explained, “and installing a dance floor was a big part in creating the relaxed feel we were going for. Tarkett was able to combine the intricate logo with the solid, hard wearing flooring we were looking for. The result is a visually impressive floor that we know will stand the test of time. We’re really happy with it.” 

Nigel Rees, Virgin Money’s National Properties, and Facilities Manager said: “Lots of customers using the Virgin Money Store and Lounge in Glasgow have remarked just how amazing the dance floor looks. The Store and Lounge facility is a unique concept to banking and the floor laid by Tarkett certainly stands out as an excellent piece of craftsmanship.”

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Shedding the look and feel of a traditional bank, the new Virgin Money Store in Glasgow has opted for an ambiance centred on home and leisure, complete with a custom-designed dance floor.