Workplace Flooring Solutions

Workplace Flooring Solutions

Sustainable flooring for today's workplace

Designing today’s workplaces has become increasingly complex. The way people work are changing, and so are expectations of the office. Eco-friendly and multifunctional, today’s workplace should provide comfort, creativity and wellbeing.

At Tarkett, we understand the need for agile workplaces capable of inspiring their users as well as soothing them. Guided by the latest user research, we make sustainable flooring that supports employee productivity and contributes to workplace wellbeing.

Sustainable flooring

Creating a sustainable workplace begins with finding the right eco-friendly flooring. Our fully recyclable carpet tiles are truly circular and have an impressively low circular carbon footprint, one we are continually working to shrink even further.

Wellbeing in the workplace

At Tarkett, our office flooring solutions are designed with people’s health and wellbeing in mind. Improving wellbeing in the workplace has been shown to enhance productivity, increase morale and even improve staff retention.

Co-creation and visualization

When it comes to flooring, customisation is increasingly important. With the experience and expertise of our designers we can help take your commercial interior project to the next level by elevating your floor design from sketch to spec.

Recommended floors for the workplace

Carpet tiles

DESSO carpet tiles have a distinctive European design with contemporary clean lines, minimalist aesthetics and fresh colour palettes. Designed with circularity in mind, our EcoBase backed carpet tile collections are 100% recyclable and have an impressively low circular carbon footprint, one we are continually working to shrink even further.

Luxury vinyl tiles

Our loose-lay luxury vinyl tiles and planks, suitable for raised access floors offer complete design freedom with endless layout possibilities across a broad range of patterns, colourways, quality levels and installation formats. Treated with our Top Clean surface protection for easy maintenance and extra resistance to scuffs, scratches and stains.


Natural wood brings a sense of the great outdoors indoors, reflecting the growing popularity of materials that reflect the natural world. Its beauty, strength and character bring authenticity and warmth to any interior. Equipped with a click installation system, wood floors are also easy to install and ready to use.


One of the most natural and sustainable flooring solutions on the market, Tarkett linoleum has been appreciated for its natural beauty, comfort and durability for over 150 years. Our linoleum is made from 94% natural raw materials and is the world’s first to be certified Cradle to Cradle® for its sustainable approach.

Safety Floors

Safety flooring provides a safe, anti-slip solution for areas where risks of slips, trips and falls are present. Including a variety of different collections, our Safetred family offers designers a range of natural, wood and serene options. All Safetred products contain up to 37% recycled content and our adhesive-free collections boast 100% recyclability with Tarkett ReStart®.

Homogeneous Vinyl

Tarkett's Homogeneous Vinyl collections offer designers a wide ranging bank of designs and colourways in the form of a durable, and flexible material. Built to stand the test of time, these floor and wall solutions are designed with ultimate durability and longevity at their core.

Ideas in action

See how others have used our office flooring solutions as part of their workplace projects.

DESSO linon and essence carpet tiles used in the renovation of the Swedish Tax Agency in Sundbyberg, Stockholm

Recommended collections

DESSO & Patricia Urquiola: Step into a world of high-tech graphic softness

Patricia Urquiola needs no introduction. Light-hearted and poetic yet detail-focused and pragmatic, her approach to materiality and design processes is innovative and playfully adventurous. Taking inspiration from woven textiles, Patricia Urquiola infused this new DESSO carpet tile collection with the expressive details and invitingly soft qualities of knitwear and woollens.

Fuse Landscape: Take a journey through colour

The Fuse Landscape collection imagines interior spaces as fields of colour, with fluid transitions for creating flexible, multifunctional workspaces. Complementary shades and textures melt into one another organically for effortlessly beautiful spaces that work better – naturally.

DESSO Desert: Stunning effortless design every time

Our designers have revamped our ever popular DESSO Desert collection. With a wider spectrum of new muted shades to bridge existing neutral and accent colours, the restyled palette of DESSO Desert presents multiple combinations for creative expression.

iD Square: Modular Vinyl

iD Square displays one of the largest selections of designs & colours on the market. Easily combinable with Desso Carpets, thanks to similar thicknesses (difference in height is < 2.5mm) and matching designs, to create the perfect fit and ensure seamless transitions.

iQ Surface: Homogeneous Vinyl

Developed in collaboration with Note Design studio, iQ Surface is a 100% recyclable collection where function, colour and form can take up equal space, and where a sustainable industrial material in five beautiful colour families invites new interpretations and perspectives.