100% Recyclable Carpet Tiles

100% Recyclable Carpet Tiles

We have more than 85 years of experience in the production of high quality textile floors and have worked for a long time with circular economy and recycling linked to these products. Here we have collected all our recyclable textile floors. This means that:  

- We have a nationwide logistic operation for collecting installation waste  and post-use flooring.

- We transport the collected material to one of Tarkett's dedicated recycling facilities.

- The recovered resource is recycled into raw material for new Tarkett products.

Tarkett's textile tiles with PA6 yarn are fully recyclable after use. We separate yarn and backing. The yarn is sent to our partner Aquafil, which manufactures new polyamide fibre, so-called Econyl. We then use this raw material for yarn for new textile floors. Tarkett's EcoBase backing is recycled to a new backing in our own facility.