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Flooring solutions for the Education market

A Complete Offer

At Tarkett, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive portfolio of flooring products that are applicable to a wide variety of settings

The ideas around how to best teach and support children and young adults has developed considerably in recent years. Environments are now expected to contribute to students’ personal development and the transition into adult life. Having a collection of suitable products to choose from is important to supporting the education of future generations.

We have a suitable flooring solution for each area within any education environment. With solutions ideal for Schools, Colleges and Universities, you can floor any room in any education setting from one collection.

Our Express Collection is either manufactured or stored in the UK, ready to be on the road in 24 hours, helping you deliver on your last minute refurbishment projects.

Safety Flooring


Our true sustainable slip-resistant safety floor solution.

Available in rolls and tiles, Safetred is suitable for area where spillages and wet floors present a risk to safety, such as kitchens and canteens, toilets, corridors and changing rooms.

Built for high traffic, Safetred stands the test of time and remains slip resistant for the life of the product.

Carpet Tiles

DESSO Essence

The hard wearing and highly functional DESSO Essence family is a strikingly simple carpet design offering affordable excellence.

We’ve chosen 6 of the best selling colours as part of the Express Collection, that work together in any scheme where ‘time is of the essence’!


Homogeneous Vinyl

Eclipse Premium

Eclipse premium is the industry favourite homogeneous heavy duty flooring. For commercial applications, Eclipse Premium combines quality, functional needs and low maintenance costs for heavy traffic applications such as education.

Our PUR surface treatment guarantees enhanced protection and easier maintenance. Eclipse Premium is ideal for classrooms, corridors, libraries, and break out areas.

Sports Flooring

Omnisports Reference Multi-use

Reference Multi-use is a P1 vinyl sports floor ideal for both multi-sports and non-sporting events. Combining and exceptional resistance to static and rolling loads, and over 25% shock absorption Reference Multi-use balances sports performance and versatility. 

Ideal for multi-use sports halls where basketball, volley-ball, handball, badminton for example are played, and non-sporting events such as exams take place.

Barefoot & Shod

Primo Safe.t

Primo Safe.T provides a confident grip for bare feet and reduces the risk of slipping, even when covered with soap and water. Ideal for science labs, changing rooms and sports complexes.

With high resistance to chemicals, stains and heavy traffic, Primo Safe.T is particularly adapted to the education environment.

Carpet Tiles | Circular Collection


Our recyclable DESSO AirMaster is 4 times better than your standard carpet at retaining fine dust and invisible particles. With 1 in 11 children in the UK suffering from Asthma, and with air pollution being a major cause of Asthma attacks, DESSO AirMaster serves to improve indoor air quality for the benefit of both students and teachers.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Inspiration by Tarkett

Created specifically for the UK market, Inspiration is a dynamic collection of 12 glue-down LVT colours in rich wood and natural stone looks. Inspiration offers the perfect combination of style and performance for education environments such as Universities or school dormitories.

Every colour is available as a full sized plank or mini plank for herringbone and other decorative effects.

Brochure and Design Guide

If you would like to speak with one of our education consultants or utilise our design service, please contact us.

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