GAIL’s Bakery Headquarters

GAIL’s Bakery Headquarters

2023 | London, UK

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GAIL’s, a popular bakery chain with over 140 locations across London and the surrounding areas, is known for its commitment to using natural ingredients and sustainable products in its baked goods. So, when GAIL's required a new office for its headquarters that could also function as a bakery, academy, and development space, it was crucial to create a multi-functional space that reflected the brand's culture and energy.

The Vision

The goal for GAIL’s HQ, located at Hawley Wharf in Camden, was to create a new space that was inviting, without feeling too corporate and would be environmentally sustainable in every possible way. This would be achieved with Object Space Place by adopting a brand-led utilitarian design that consisted of exposed concrete columns and ceilings, along with warm-crafted elements, and sourcing only natural and sustainable materials.

Why Tarkett?

GAIL's has been using Tarkett safety floors for a while now and has installed them in around 20 locations. However, one of the main challenges of this project was to create an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose headquarters using natural materials and sustainable products. To address this challenge, Tarkett was chosen to provide the flooring for the project. As a leader in sustainable flooring solutions, Tarkett focuses on producing products that have a minimal environmental impact and can be recycled at the end of their life. Additionally, many of these products are made from natural materials and are Cradle to Cradle Certified®.

Products Used

Tarkett provided a mix of flooring solutions for this project, including carpet tiles, linoleum, and vinyl safety floors. DESSO Retrace 100% recyclable carpet tiles, which have an impressively low Circular Carbon Footprint of 1.27 kg CO2/m2 and EcoBase backing, were installed throughout the first-floor office space. Safetred Serenity vinyl safety floors were installed on the first floor and the ground floor, where safety was of utmost importance. This multifunctional and circular product helped to reduce the environmental impact of the space by requiring adhesive-free installation and being fully recyclable at our in-house recycling facility in Kent. The project also incorporated recyclable post-use Etrusco Linoleum and Style Emme Linoleum, which are made with up to 97% natural raw materials and are carbon-negative from cradle-to-gate. These two products were chosen for select spaces on the first floor and the ground floor, where extreme durability, easy cleaning, and cost-effective maintenance were the main concerns.


The use of Tarkett's sustainable flooring solutions helped to create an environmentally friendly space that embodies the culture and energy of the GAIL's brand. The flooring solutions are durable and low maintenance, which is important for a high-traffic office space. The mix of materials used in the design has helped to create a unique and eclectic look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Tarkett's commitment to sustainability and circular economy has helped create an environmentally responsible and socially conscious workspace that reflects GAIL's commitment to high-quality products, traditional methods, and sustainable practices.

The People Behind the Project

“We have used natural materials wherever possible, like cork on the walls and linoleum on the floor. All the flooring has come from Tarkett, who are pioneers when it comes to sustainability and circular economy. These materials all have a very low environmental impact and Tarkett can recycle them at their end of life too.”

― David Chenery, Director at Object Space Place

“It was a pleasure working with the entire team to outfit GAIL’s Bakery’s new sustainable headquarters. We collaborated closely with the GAIL’s and OSP to select a beautiful flooring solution that aligned with their commitment to eco-friendly design. The final result is a warm, inviting space that showcases their brand while prioritising environmental responsibility.”

― Ben Campbell, Senior Workplace & Hospitality Consultant at Tarkett

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