Tarkett Atelier

Tarkett Atelier

2024 | London, UK

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Tarkett Atelier recently underwent a revamp for Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. With the help of Carters Contract Flooring, Tarkett UK & Ireland achieved a refreshed showroom space that showcased a commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and design excellence through colour.

The Vision

The goal was to update the showroom space for Clerkenwell Design Week for the first time since it opened in mid-2023. The theme ‘Colour: From Palette to Purpose’ required the use of colour, but in a way that would maintain its appeal after the event. To achieve this, the design team proposed strategically integrating smaller, modular patches of colour throughout the space. This approach aimed to showcase diverse products, textures, and colours without overwhelming the area.

Products Used

The design utilised various Tarkett products to blend with the existing space, covering approximately 157m2 seamlessly. On the ground floor, iD Inspiration High Traffic 70 and DESSO Recharge were chosen for the kitchen and Colour Lab, respectively. Abstract organic shapes defined different zones around the perimeter, and a colourful checked motif was incorporated in the central area. This portion showcased AirMaster Classic, iD Square, DESSO Traverse, DESSO Grezzo Vivid, AirMaster Earth, DESSO Essence Roots, DESSO Recharge, DESSO Iconic, and DESSO & Patricia Urquiola. The lower level extended the design with a wider array of Tarkett products, including AirMaster Sphere, iD Square, AirMaster Classic, and AirMaster Earth. Additionally, BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool tiles from the BAUX x Tarkett collaboration were installed on the walls to complement the updated DESSO AirMaster® products and introduce a harmonised colour palette upward.

How Did Colour Influence the Showroom Experience?

Tarkett strategically used colour to set the tone, create a welcoming atmosphere, and reflect the diversity of users within the space. The thoughtful integration of colour, while embracing elements of the existing space, exemplified Tarkett's holistic approach to design. By intentionally using different types of flooring with distinct colours to separate the space, Tarkett was able to facilitate wayfinding and make it easier for visitors and staff to navigate the open-concept layout of the showroom. Additionally, incorporating a Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic with its bold use of colour on the lower level helped showcase the versatility of Tarkett's product portfolio.


The Tarkett Atelier transformation successfully showcased Tarkett’s dedication to exceptional design by effectively capturing the theme of colour for Clerkenwell Design Week in a way that can be timeless in the space. The thoughtful combination of colours, textures, and shapes created a welcoming atmosphere while effectively highlighting Tarkett’s diverse product offerings. Overall, the showroom became an even more powerful tool for the Tarkett UK & Ireland team, serving as an impressive representation of the brand.

The People Behind the Project

Creating sustainable and inclusive spaces is crucial for promoting environmental responsibility and social equity. When updating Tarkett Atelier London, colour played a significant role in setting the tone, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and reflecting the diversity of users within the space. 

― Mikael Persson, Head of Marketing for UK & Ireland at Tarkett

The Tarkett Atelier design for Clerkenwell Design Week showcased Tarkett's diverse range of products in a way that enhanced the space by incorporating integrated curves, colours, and geometric shapes. This unlocked endless possibilities for an intriguing and visually captivating experience during the festival and beyond.

― Anna Jaszczur, Floor Design Manager at Tarkett

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Showcasing sustainability, inclusivity, and design excellence through colour for Clerkenwell Design Week.