Aerial view of a modern waiting area or lounge with smooth furniture and durable vinyl flooring in soft shades of beige

iQ Optima, Moving nuances

Rediscover iQ Optima, Tarkett historical homogeneous vinyl flooring

With over 40 years of excellence and 100 million square meters sold, iQ Optima introduces fresh designs and an expanded colour palette. iQ Optima vinyl range stands out for its efficient dry-buffing surface restoration, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and unmatched durability.​

Compatible with iQ Granit and iQ Eminent vinyl ranges, iQ Optima offers both style and functionality. Crafted in Sweden with sustainability in mind, it features responsibly sourced materials and recyclability (installation off-cuts and post-use).​

(re)Discover iQ Optima today for enduring quality and renewed style.

Modern waiting area with smooth furniture and durable vinyl flooring offering a spacious and contemporary environment

Design turnaround

Unlock a sense of tranquility with the organic lines and subtle tones of our new iQ Optima vinyl floors, offering endless possibilities for creating harmonious spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal qualities of watercolour, the iQ Optima range introduces soft washes and translucent, opaque hues, enriching the delicate tones in the collection. Exclusive to Tarkett, it features a distinctive directional effect, now available in three captivating, subtle designs and a palette of 55 nuances, providing unmatched versatility for your spaces.

Crafted by our skilled designers in Sweden, iQ Optima captures the essence of natural travertine limestone, characterized by its unique directional pattern and serene watercolour washes.

Embrace the opportunity to play with the directional effect and the 4 colour families inherited from the iQ Granit and iQ Eminent collections, opening up even more mix & match creative options. Allowing for the creation of inspiring spaces that promote inclusivity, iQ Optima is tailored for the modern social environment, setting the stage for the next generation of communal spaces.

Explore our captivating watercolour moodboard featuring serene green hues beautifully rendered on smooth vinyl material.

Durable and reliable

iQ Dry-buffing surface restoration for cleaner, longer-lasting floors

We are the only company on the market to offer a dry-surface restoration that keeps floors like new for decades. It is a simple and effective flooring maintenance procedure, which, instead of all kinds of acrylic or polymer re-coating, mechanically restores the product surface. This brings iQ Optima maximum durability in terms of visual and technical properties and keeps floors looking their best for a much longer.

True multifunctionality

iQ Optima collection has been specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding environments and pair with our more technical floors such as static conducive and dissipative iQ Toro SC, iQ Granit SD, or anti-slip Granit Multisafe or Granit Safe T. You can choose amongst 14 matching colours.

All iQ Optima references are also available with an acoustic backing offering a 16 dB sound reduction.​

All this makes of iQ Optima an ideal solution for healthcare, elderly care and education premises.

Sustainability at the heart

iQ Optima Circular Journey infographic

Created, curated and recycled: a collection born with circular economy in mind.

Made in Sweden, iQ Optima sustainable flooring contains an average of 25% recycled material, is recyclable (installation off-cuts and post-use), and is produced using 100% renewable energy. Our iQ ranges are an impactful choice, lasting for 30 years or more and offer simple maintenance and quick repair. iQ Optima has been created within the principles of a circular economy: close the loop on waste and nurture your sustainable impact.


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