Floors for Education

Floors for Education

Floors for education- The right floor for the right environment

The ideas of how to best teach and support children and young people during their schooling have developed considerably in recent years. Education is no longer judged solely on the basis of educational results. Now the environment is also expected to contribute to the students' personal development and the transition to becoming responsible adult individuals. At the same time, it is a workplace, which places demands on a good working environment.

A good learning environment should:

  • Be inclusive and considerate of everyone, regardless of background or physical ability
  • Be flexible and supportive so that it facilitates students 'learning and teachers' teaching
  • Have a positive and respectful culture that encourages students, both academically and in personal development
  • Conducts in healthy, safe and sustainable buildings that contribute to students' well-being and development
  • Promote a good working environment for both employees and students

Recommended floors for education

Linoleum floor

Linoleum flooring is a classic floor that is made from renewable raw materials such as linseed oil, cork and wood flour. Resin, natural colour pigments and jute fabric are also used in the manufacture of linoleum floors.

Homogeneous floors

In education facilities floors are exposed to heavy wear as crowds of people and equipment pass daily. Therefore, a floor that has a long functional and aesthetic durability is required.

Carpet tiles

Here we have our collections of textile tiles from Desso. Desso, which is part of the Tarkett Group, has more than 85 years of experience in high quality textile tiles.

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