Floors for Shops

Floors for Shops

Floors that strengthens your brand!

Strengthen your brand with a decor that harmonizes with your business. Tarkett has floor solutions for all parts of the store - for a welcoming, designed and durable entrance or hygienic and non-slip surfaces. With a wide range of materials, colours and patterns, it is possible to create a desired atomic sphere and to control the store's customer flows. Also remember to choose a sustainable floor solution with easy installation and cost-effective maintenance.

Recommended floors for shops

Design floor - LVT

When it comes to our LVT floors, the design possibilities are almost endless. The floors are manufactured in both plank and tile formats in a variety of colours, patterns and qualities.

Heterogeneous floors

Heterogeneous flooring offers a varying solution for all types of installations. They are available in many different designs and constructions to suit both the home environment and high-traffic areas such as schools and hospitals.

Homogeneous floors

In hospital and school corridors where crowds of people and equipment pass daily, the floors are exposed to heavy wear. Therefore, a floor that has a long functional and aesthetic durability is required.

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References within shops

Tarkett floorcraft design in LVT for Virgin Money Glasgow Store
Virgin Money Lounge

Shedding the look and feel of a traditional bank, the new Virgin Money Store in Glasgow has opted for an ambiance centred on home and leisure, complete with a custom-designed dance floor.

Luxury Tarkett flooring designed for Marks & Spencer Peterborough
Marks & Spencer Peterborough

Bespoke flooring designed for Marks & Spencer store in Queensgate Shopping Centre. With a UK breakthrough by creating the first ever installation of 1m x 1m tiles in Britain.

Moomin Shop

Discover the brand new Moomin Shop designed by Finnish Architect Carola Rytsölä, with iQ Surface homogeneous vinyl floors also installed on walls and furniture.

Ikea Kartal

Discover our new collaboration with IKEA: durable and stylish floors that are created for heavy foot traffic with IQ Granit and iD Inspiration 70